Phase III

The U.S. Department of Agriculture, Rural Development office recently approved a $1,000,000 grant and a $950,000 low interest loan for GCRWD. Due to the lowest bid being above the estimated cost, an additional grant of $380,000 and a low interest loan of $380,000 were applied for and approved by the USDA/RD. Thus, the total project will consist of a grant of $1,380,000 and a low interest loan of $1,330,000. In addition to these funds, a DECO design grant from the state in the amount of $100,000 was awarded to Wrights Township, as well as DECO construction grants in the amount of $395,000 each to Linder Township, Rubicon Township, and Wrights Township. GCRWD contributed the local share of connection fees in the amount of $57,550. The total project amounts to $4,052,550. The federal and state funds will be used to expand our water system to serve an additional 185 households in Greene County. This will also help pay for a 100,000 gallon ground water storage tank to be located at the White Hall Reservoir. This will extend our water main by more than 75 miles to residents in Athensville, Linder, Rockbridge, Rubicon, White Hall, and Wrights Townships. Construction began on July 24, 2006 north of Wrights and will work to the northwest, installing an 8’’ water main to the new ground storage tank at the White Hall Reservoir. Then construction will progress to the north and east of Wrights to Athensville. The final section will be west of Rockbridge in Linder Township and will finish east of Rockbridge. Completed in 2007.

We appreciate the cooperation of the future water users on this phase as well as those landowners willing to provide easements on their properties for the water main. This project could not happen without the interest and help of the communities in the area.

The Greene County Rural Water District was created in 1994, to provide a safe, reliable water system to rural residents in Greene County not served by a local water distribution system.

"Greene County Rural Water District is an equal opportunity provider and employer."